Structural Risk Assessment

Structural Risk Assessment

Clients rely on us to repair their structures: Such as old bridges which are precious and important in many means

Repair and Rehabilitation envisages restoration of structural system as close as possible to the original position. The distressed structure needs to be brought in line, level and to required strength so that it can be put into service without endangering its safety and utility.

Representative Services:

  • RCC element Jacketing.
  • Carbon Fiber Strengthening Systems.
  • Plate bonding. 
  • Concrete NDT Testing

Hazard Vulnerability Capacity Risk Assessment (HVCRA)

It is important for various public buildings, offices, schools and hospitals to understand the hazards and their vulnerabilities well in advance.

Fire Safety Assessment

Fire is the most common hazard in our country. It can happen at any place, whether it is a school, hospital, office or home.

Structural Risk Assessment

Structural Risk Assessment is a specialized assessment of the building structure.

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